Tennis anyone? Whether your passion for tennis is casual or your desire is for competitive league action, Otter Creek has a program designed for you.  Here are some examples of the many programs, events, leagues and tournaments held each year.

Junior private lessons -    Residents: $60/hr

                                                       Non-Residents: $65/hr

Group Lessons — Drop-In: $20 per lesson

                                        Monthly (2x week) -   Residents: $95/month

                                                                                            Non-Residents: $105/month

Group Lessons — adults min $20 max $35

4x Week - Residents: $175

                        Non-Residents: $185

8 and under play with the red ball on mini courts

10 and under play with orange balls on 60 foot court

12 and under play with green dot balls on full court

Call Gail Nankervis at 1 (501) 551-6060 for the schedule

13 to 18 meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm

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