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Swim Team

Welcome to the Otter Creek Swim Team!

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The Otter Creek Swim Team has been a part of our community for almost 30 years. Children ages 4 through 18 may participate. All skill levels are accommodated. Very young or inexperienced swimmers can gain skill and confidence by joining the feeder program, an extension of the swim team, before practicing with the swim team.

The team is known as the Otter Creek Otters. Team colors are red, white, and black. Our membership averages about 100 swimmers each summer. We are staffed by several coaches whose objectives are to be fine role models while teaching the swimmers how to improve their stroke technique.  The team practices for about eight weeks during the summer, beginning after Memorial Day. There are two practice times a day, morning and afternoon. Swim meets are held on Saturday mornings, 8:00am until noon. There are usually six swim meets during the summer; three home and three away. Depending upon each family's individual level of interest, you may attend any or all of the practices and meets.

The team wears a team swimsuit, swim cap, and T-shirt. As a team, we participate in community activities such as a car wash, BBQ and a bake sale. At the end of our swim season we enjoy a sensational banquet and awards celebration followed by a pool party. Parental involvement is encouraged in order to continue the success of this program. This involvement is a great way to make new friends in the community.

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